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What does Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin mean?

To all of my friends in Wisconsin who didn’t vote yesterday, I hate you. Not only are you responsible for keeping the unabashed corporate shill Scott Walker in office, but, more importantly, you’re responsible for ruining my first Netroots Nation conference. OK, maybe I’m overstating things a bit. I’m sure the conference will be just […]

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Michael Moore offers the Occupy movement his thoughts on a list of demands

Michael Moore spent this past weekend working with the men and women of Occupy Wall Street, helping them to craft a vision statement for the movement, and come up with a list of outcomes that they would like to see realized. Following are Moore’s thoughts on the subject. This past weekend I participated in a […]

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Glenn Beck vs. Jeffrey Sachs on Occupy Wall Street

I have two pieces of video for you to compare and contrast. One is of a failed morning zoo DJ. The other is of a well-regarded professor from Columbia University. Can you figure out which is which? VIDEO ONE: VIDEO TWO: So, did you figure it out? Here’s a hint… The economics professor isn’t the […]

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FBI reads Reddit, tracks Redditor without warrant

Last week, a guy on Reddit posted a photo of a weird device that was found strapped beneath his roommate’s car. (A mechanic had found it while working on the car.) Well, it turned out to be a tracking device, and the FBI has since asked for the unit back. It would seem that the […]

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With the blessing of the Supreme Court, corporate money is now pouring into the midterm elections in support of Republican candidates

During the last session of the Supreme Court, as you’ll recall, the Justices, in a contentious 5-4 decision, declared that we, the American people, did not have the ability to regulate what they deemed corporate free speech. And, by “speech,” they meant the amount in dollars that corporations, both foreign and domestic, could spend on […]

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