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Tomorrow is Glenn Beck’s “I Have Some Hate” rally

We’ve talked about it before, but tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is the day that the great white crusader, Glenn Beck, the man who once famously said that Barack Obama, our first black President, has “a deep-seated hatred or white people,” will climb the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., with Sarah […]

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Glenn to the Mountaintop

Remember how, a while ago, I was telling you that Glenn Beck was working on a novel that sounded suspiciously like a kinder, gentler version of the Turner Diaries? Well, that book, called “The Overton Window,” apparently isn’t the only thing the perpetually crying showman is working on. According to his website, he’s also writing […]

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I have a dream… and it involves undoing someone else’s dream

I had been concerned that the upcoming anniversary of Martin Luther King’s brilliant, uplifting “I have a dream” speech might go by unmarked in any significant way, given that we’re fighting multiple wars in the Middle East, and trying to sort out healthcare and the economy here at home, but it looks like someone is […]

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