the iranian diversion

A third carrier group is moving into the Gulf, and the drums of war are starting to pound out a familiar tune. Yup, it looks as though the evidence is building against Iran. (Or, is it?) I suspect we’ll see Collin Powell addressing the UN in the next few days, waving vials around and talking of the imminent threat. Word is that the secret talks have already begun. It makes me feel bad for the Bush administration. Surely this couldn’t come at worse time for them, right as they were gearing up to defend themselves publicly against all the charges of corruption and incompetence. They just can’t seem to catch a break…

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  1. danandkitty
    Posted February 12, 2007 at 12:13 am | Permalink

    Yep… I saw on Fox News for a few seconds today, the headline, ” A case for war with Iran?” Or some bs.
    It’s like watching a horrific slow motion trainwreck that you can’t stop. It’s deja vu all over again and all that.

  2. egpenet
    Posted February 12, 2007 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    As I said a few weeks ago on this blog … GWB WILL find some excuse to “involve” Iran before he leaves office.

    The recent arrests of Iranians in Iraq, the parade of explosive devices this weekend supposedly provided by Iran, plus the increase in Shia bombings will place the U.S. Senate in another untenable position of voting to increase/broaden the war.

    Obama’s March 2008 deadline for getting out may be too late.

  3. t.d. glass
    Posted February 12, 2007 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Some folks are saying it has more to do with the fact that Halliburton’s earnings are dropping.

  4. t.d. glass
    Posted February 12, 2007 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    OK, I just verified it.

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