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Our friend Kunstler is alienating people all over the place with his ardent defense of Israel and they’re beginning to tear into him something vicious. (If you follow that last link, you’ll get to hear Kunstler called a “neokike”!) On what I hope is a completely different note, it’s just come to my attention that one of my favorite local non-profits, Growing Hope, has launched a blog. (I just scanned it briefly and didn’t see any use of the word “neokike.”) In other news, it looks like students in Christian schools are being outperformed by thier public school peers. (Maybe if their parents could put away their Christian sex toys for a few minutes and help them study, that wouldn’t be the case.) And, in spite of the intrepid leadership of our “family values” president, it would appear that violent crime is on the rise… That’s all I have time for now. If I missed something important, leave a comment… Oh, and the zombies have taken San Francisco!

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  1. Tony Buttons Esq.
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    “There’s mother-fuckin’ links on this plane!”

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