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I cant remember how the conversation started, but one of our friends (either Jim or Arun) suggested that we teach Clementine at a young age to mix cocktails for us (and our friends – meaning them). The discussion not only made me immediately thirsty for a gin and tonic, but it got me to thinking that there must already be a drink called a Clementine. Well, I just did some quick searching and I didnt find anything. There are a few drink recipes that call for clementines (the citrus fruit), but nothing called a Clementine, at least not that I could find.

Here, for those of you who are interested in such things, is one of the drink recipes that I came across that called for a clementine.

The Land’s End Martini
Tanqueray Ten gin stirred with a wisp of Lillet, garnished with a clementine and fresh blueberry skewer.

Well, I was thinking that we should come up with a drink that we could call a Clementine. So, if you have ideas, let me know. (To be an official Clementine, it would have to be stirred with one of my daughters enormous feet. Thats the one stipulation Im laying down.) If I dont hear from anyone, Ill just go with Bombay Safire gin (my favorite), tonic, and a wedge of clementine stirred with my daughters foot, of course. (Much better than that bar in Alaska that Ive written about where you have to do a shot with someones preserved, turn of the century toe in it.) If you have a better idea than that, though, let me know Just to make it fun, Ill make it a contest. The winner, the person with the best drink idea, will get a little piece of artwork that I will make especially for them Itll be good too. I promise.

UPDATE: It began to concern me that I may one day regret naming a drink after my daughter, like when shes in high school and shes getting invited to all kinds of wild parties because people want to use her foot. In spite of that, however, Ive decided to go forward with this project. The future be damned.

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