and the blogger jealousy keeps growing

I just read a good story by Tom Tomorrow on how he got caught up in Michael Moores considerable wake at the Democratic National Convention and was sucked into Jimmy Carters skybox. Of course, being a nice guy, he then arranged to borrow a special all-access pass from someone so that he could sneak fellow blogger, Duncan (formerly only known as Atrios), up to share the fun Meanwhile, here in the shadows of the ruins of Detroit, I got drenched in piss when one of Clementines lets be good and save the world cloth diapers failed to do its job (I should mention that I was tipped to the Tom Tomorrow piece by a fellow named Steve Kraus, who operates a very nice site of his own. And, if you go to Steves site now, you can find a link to a place where you can make a nice picture of yourself like this one I just made of yours truly.)

So, maybe I didn’t get to hang out with Michael Moore and President Carter, but at least I got to make a fake version of myself that can live on-line, in piss-free clothing. That’s not so bad.

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