dressing hhnar

This is Hhnar. He is a chicken To be more accurate, he is a loveable stuffed animal with some of the features of a chicken. He was made for our as yet unborn baby by our friend Beth. Beth made him from scraps; a filthy pair of underwear here, a bit of a worn out leather vest there. Hhnar is wonderful and naked.

And that brings me to the crux of tonights brief post.

I know I told you a few weeks ago that Linette and I would not accept any baby gifts from people that we dont already know (in the real world), but, as I sit here looking at this beautiful, yet naked, creature, Im beginning to think that I might have been too hasty So, heres what Id like to propose Those folks out there in the MM.com universe who feel as though you absolutely have to send some sort of gift when the baby comes, can make some kind of clothing item for Hhnar.

So, a tinfoil hat, a thong, a t-shirt that says kiss my nuggets, you name it. Anything would be appreciated and all entries will be displayed here at MM.com. I dont have an exact measurement of his inseam or the circumference of his neck, but I did just snap a photo of Hhnar with a ruler in hopes that it might help.

(note: As we dont intend to let child our child touch Hhnar until he or she has reached adulthood, you dont need to feel constrained by things like child safety and good taste.)

All finished items can be sent to:
Baby Lao Maynard
c/o Crimewave USA magazine
PO Box 980301
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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