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A reader by the name of Kristin demanded that I share this piece of late-breaking news.

Lost Goats Refuse to Leave Handy Township Farm:
A Handy Township couple is asking for the publics help in finding the owner of some goats that wandered onto their farm property two days ago. Robert and Joan Smith, who live at the corner of Smith and Sargent roads southeast of Fowlerville, say four goats entered their property Friday and refuse to leave. The goats scamper off into a field when people approach. The Smiths have called all their neighbors to see if any of them own the goats, but so far, no luck. The animals are large by goat standards and include two white ones, a black goat and one thats mixed brown and white. The goats first appeared at the edge of the Smiths yard by the barn, took off when the couple approached and then were back on Saturday in the same spot. If you know who the owner of the goats might be, youre asked to call the Smiths at (517) 223-8865 or go to their farm at Smith and Sargent roads.

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