shhhh the godfather of punk may be listening

Some of you may recall that in the last issue of Crimewave I interviewed my friend Steve as he was pretending to be Iggy Pop. (This was done at the last minute, the day before we went to press, once it became apparent that folks at Virgin Records werent going to be able to have the real Iggy call me, as they said that they would.) Anyway, Steve pretended to be Iggy and we went back and forth on a few subjects, like Taco Bell Anyway, I just received the following note from a friend in Seattle named Dave Morris.


Finally went out and saw Eternal Sunshine. I really liked it. Charlie Kauffman is a very talented writer.

Before the movie, I was looking at a poster for the new Jim Jarmusch film “Coffee and Cigarettes.” I noticed that the cigarette pack label was “Detroit.” They showed the trailer before Eternal Sunshine also.

There was a scene with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop playing themselves. Tom Waits says to Iggy, “if you don’t like it here we can go down to Taco Bell,” and Iggy gets all huffy and says, “what are you saying. Are you saying I’m a Taco Bell kind of guy?”

Suspicious. Sounds like either Iggy or Jim Jarmusch (or both) read your mock interview.

Thought you might like to know.

If you know anything about this, please drop me a line. My guess is that Iggy has seen the interview that Steve and I did (several copies of the issue were sent to Virgin), but I would be surprised if it made that big of an impact on him. It seems too weird to just be a coincidence though.

If you want to watch the trailer for the film, its available on-line.

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