four before bed

I want to go to sleep, but there are a few things that I want to tell you about first First, theres an interesting article in todays New York Times about John McCain and the possibility of his joining the Kerry ticket. (There would be very little in this world that would make me happier.) Then theres this piece in the Atlantic Monthly about just how dirty this presidential campaign could get. (Does anyone remember the story about Kerry and the intern that was everywhere for a few days this winter and then just dissolved? Well, I guess weve got a lot more of those to look forward to. According to sources quoted in this article, youve got to plant a lot of seeds to get a few to take root.) And third, it looks like Seymour Hersh is unwilling to let go of the Abu Ghraib story (even in light on of the recent beheading of an American citizen in Iraq). In this weeks New Yorker, he places the blame at the feet of Donald Rumsfeld, whom he says made the decision last year to use physical coercion and sexual humiliation in order to hasten the cooperation of Iraqi prisoners. And, lastly, in case you didnt see it on Friday, is the news that the Bush administration is asking for between $50 and $80 billion for our next year in Iraq.

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