emergency interruption: punk rock claims lives

Its just been brought to my attention that someone has posted video clips from the Punk Rock episode of Quincy (1982). Im waiting for the performance of Get Up (I Wanna See You Choke), the one during which the guy gets stabbed in the neck, to load right now and Im rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

One of these days, Ill tell you all about my punk rock memories, starting with that night in Atlanta that my friend David Spivey and I, having decided to stay up past midnight, caught a live news alert from downtown, where the Sex Pistols were playing. You would have thought that the world was coming to the end I distinctly remember hiding my head under a blanket after seeing the images of teenagers with safety pins through their cheeks.

This might also be a good place to tell you that Linette has vetoed Quincy, Barnaby Jones, Columbo and Matlock from the official list of potential baby names.

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