A few weeks ago I mentioned that my band was being interviewed at WCBN, Ann Arbors college radio station. Well, for those of you who didnt hear it at the time, Ive just been informed that you can now download the interview, in four bite-sized sections, from the Monkey Power media page. (Its toward the bottom of the page.)

I am also very happy to report that, as of this afternoon, our 10th record, Hacking Through the Tentacles of Despair is available for purchase online I can say with some confidence that if youre the kind of person who likes your music to be melodic and listenable, this is the Monkey Power Trio record for you. It is and Ive never said this about anything that Ive recorded before absolutely fucking beautiful.

So, please buy it if only to look at the individually hand-colored covers. (By the way, none of them will look as nice as this one that we scanned. This was the first one we did, before any beers were opened. By the end of the night, we were just x-ing out the monkey mans eyes and circling his private area in lipstick.)

Oh, yeah, if you dont forward this message to at least ten people within the next ten minutes, you will begin to experience rectal bleeding and your eye sockets will spit out your eyeballs.

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