drinking outside, alone and to excess

Tonight was going to be the night that I got caught back up on my email, but I decided to go out and hit happy hour instead It probably wasnt the best thing that I could have done, but the sun was out, it was warm, I was driving around town with Abbey Road playing, with my window down, and I noticed that my favorite bar had an empty table outside.

I glanced at my watch, noticed that I still had an hour before beer shot back up to Ann Arbor prices, and eased my car toward the curb Within two minutes I was drinking my first 25 oz. Guinness and Bass Black and Tan.

I wasnt being a complete derelict though… I called Linette to see if she wanted to come and join me. Being both pregnant and close to deadline on a big design project though, she declined.

So, I drank a few beers and ate a burger by myself, listening in on other peoples conversations and jotting down notes for my next comic. (note to self: Fewer graphic representations of cocks.)

It was nice… I know people say that drinking alone isnt good, but I enjoy it on occasion.

My concern is that going out for a few beers might have totally reversed all the good stuff Ive been doing lately though.

Here, for those of you who care, was my self-improvement schedule for this week:

Monday Therapy
Tuesday Acupuncture
Wednesday Gym/Jogging
Thursday Drinking Alone

I was on a roll there for a few days Im not sure what tomorrow will hold. Maybe Ill be shooting heroin in an alley.

I shouldnt joke like that now that my parents and co-workers read this site.

Actually, I think most of them have stopped reading by now. (My parents mentioned a few days ago that theyd grown weary of my politics. They, Im assuming, liked it better when I focused more on Whitney Houston and ball shaving.)

My research has shown that most people eventually stop reading this site.

I dont have much more to say. I want to write letters now, but my list of unanswered emails has grown so long that I cant look at it without feeling incredibly guilty and anxious.

So, instead of sending emails to my friends, Ill just turn on the TIVO and watch Survivor. Maybe Ill watch it twice.

Maybe, if I get motivated, Ill work on a new project Ive been thinking about. Its called the Maynard Anguish Index. Its a matrix kind of thing that has anxiety down one axis and depression down the other. The idea would be that Id plot the point where anxiety and depression meet every day and share it with you kind of like how the Department of Homeland Security shares their color-coded terror assessments. I have to give it some more thought

So, I guess thats it from me for tonight. If you still feel like reading though, check out Life at TJs Place. Its a new blog kept by a fellow who manages a strip club somewhere in middle-America Its one of the best things Ive stumbled across in the past few months.

Good night, my invisible friends.

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