polling the electorate and panties for programming

Its just been brought to my attention that a mere seven votes would put me in second place, edging out Phyllis Diller for the title of Second Coolest Famous Ypsilantian in this years Coolest of Ypsilanti Poll. I hadnt wanted to lobby on my own behalf, but the polls close in just five days and Im soooo close. Im tempted to ask eight of you out there to go and vote, even if you arent from Ypsilanti. Would that be terrible?

Actually, the title doesnt mean much to me. And what could be cooler than coming in right after Iggy Pop and Phyllis Diller in a race?

I didnt really understand the category until just a few minutes ago. I thought that people were voting on who the most famous Ypsilantian was. I didnt realize that, instead, people were being asked to select the coolest from among a group of people who were all considered to be sufficiently famous (meaning that your name has appeared in the paper a half-dozen times or more, or something like that). Perhaps that distinction was readily apparent to the rest of you, but I just got it. I dont know that it would change my vote any though. Iggy is probably the most famous and the most cool. He deserves to beat me on both counts. As for Phyllis Diller, shes clearly more famous, but is she more cool? Thats a tough one to call. I don’t think that either one of us is very “cool,” at least not in an Arthur “the Fonz” Fonzerelli kind of a sense.

If you are from Ypsi and if youd like to vote, you can fill out a ballot here. (I heard a rumor that next year you wont be able to vote if youre from outside of Ypsilanti. The organizers of this poll are apparently going to build a test into the front-end that measures your Ypsi cred. If you dont know the town, you wont be able to cast a vote. Not exactly democratic, but pretty cool.)

Oh, if you are from Ypsilanti you might also be interested in this. My friend Steve just launched a public forum where those of us who care about this little town of ours can debate issues, form alliances and vote on collective priorities. The sites called ypsimob and its open 24 hours a day. Check it out.

Speaking of Steve, Im thinking of retaining his services to help bring MM.com into the 20th century or whatever century were in now. He likes to barter, so Im thinking about an Ypsipanty a day. (I know hell probably hold out for an Ypsipanty and hour, but I thought that Id start low. Plus, I like the ring of an Ypsipanty a day.) Ill keep you posted on how it goes.

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