Well, it looks like I’ve finally made it… According to the old webstats program, someone found their way to last night after searching the web for a “bag full of semen.”

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this day… I’ve finally broken through the glass ceiling of “ball shaving.” I think I’m going to cry.

As for the person looking for this bag full of semen, I wonder if they misplaced it somewhere. That would suck to lose an entire bag of semen.

Some people, unfortunately, have to learn the “Don’t put all your semen in one bag” lesson the hard way.

Yes, it is far better to have two bags half-full than to have one overflowing. And, yes, I said “half-full,” not “half-empty.” I guess you could say that I’m an optimist when it comes to bags of semen.

OK, I have to go to work now. Sorry.

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