news: the stuff nightmares are made of

Here’s another good story on the American empire. This one is told from the perspective of a professor. He suggests that those of us who don’t want to experience the fall of the empire move to Vancouver… And here’s a wonderful little reference guide as to what was said by whom, on the record, in the run up to the war. It’s simple, beautiful, and damning as hell… And here, if you can believe it, is a Republican-backed bill before Congress that would, if enacted, give the House the power to overrule the Supreme Court of the United States, thereby ending this horrid nightmare of checks and balances that’s been fucking things up here in the US for the past few centuries. The sponsors of the bill would say that it’s necessary in order to protect us from those evil “activist judges” who are seeking to extend rights to the gays, protect civil rights, etc. Actually, I can’t imagine that this bill will go anywhere, but it’s interesting to note that people in our government are considering such things.

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