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According to the British press, now that the Plame investigation is honing in around the office of the Vice President (three of his aides have been called to testify), Bush might be getting ready to cut Cheney loose.

And, if youre anything like me, and you just cant stop with one Cheney article, theres a fantastic piece in the new issue of the New Yorker on his rise to power and his ties to Halliburton.

Theres actually another really good piece in this New Yorker Hold on a second and Ill go find it.

Here it is.

Youll like it.

The article is about the post-WWII Democratic party and its history with regard to foreign policy. Heres a little taste:

The Democratic Party hasnt always been stymied by foreign policy. A half century ago, the Partys ideas were ascendant, transforming Americas international role in the postwar years as dramatically as President Bush has since September 11th. In 1945, the United States had more relative power and prestige than it has today. Instead of seizing the occasion to strip the country of constraints and dominate the world, the ruling Democrats, most of whom were New Dealers, realized that the global fight against Communism required partners. The postwar Democratic leadership under President Truman helped bring into being institutions and alliancesthe United Nations, NATO, the World Bankthrough which the countrys goals could be met. These goals were as much economic and political as military.

(I like the New Yorker like Rush Limbaugh likes oxycontin.)

Back to Cheney, I hope Bush doesn’t “shit can” the oily old bastard. I like the idea of running against Bush-Cheney a hell of a lot more than I like the idea of running against Bush-Giuliani, especially if Rove and company are able to convince American voters that Cheney was the cause of everything that’s been uncovered up until now. Fortunately, Cheney, I think, has too much power. He won’t leave office willingly. Bush, if he really wants to get rid of him and win, will have to orchestrate some kind of coronary event… like setting things up so that Cheney walks in and sees his wife and lesbian daughter in bed with Al Sharpton. One heart-stopping event like that and the Republicans will be guaranteed four more years.

So, for what they’re worth, here are my two predictions. One: by the time of the Republican convention in New York Cheney will have been replaced. Two: Osama bin Laden will have been either captured or killed by October 1, 2004.

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