space baby

A few days ago, I mentioned that I thought that it would be funny if Linette and I, once the baby arrives, dressed up in cloaks and took some photos of our little family in what might appear to be a satanic ceremony of some type. My thought was that I could somehow hide the photos in a place that he or she might not find until much later in life, after Linette and I are both gone. I thought that it would be hilarious Many of you, however, apparently dont share my refined sense of humor.

Of the people that wrote in about that idea, Id say at least 80% were horrified that Id even contemplate such a thing. A few, however, decided to play along. One was even smart enough to gently encourage me in another, more positive direction. Heres what that person, Collin from Colorado, had to say:

Instead, how about a photo of you lifting the baby from the crashed remains of a small spacecraft in the middle of a field? Maybe label it “High hopes!”

While Im not a huge fan of Superman, the idea did really resonate with me… And, I thought, this wouldnt require that my child even for a moment contemplates the possibility that he or she is the spawn of Satan!

So, its been decided. We will take a roll of film of a smoking pile of debris somewhere in a corn field a day or two after the baby has been born.

Does anyone have access to a pair of pointy, rubber ears? Im thinking that it might be funny to get a shot of me clipping them off with hedge clippers.

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