weakened update

I think that I may be coming down with a bit of a cold. In spite of that, this weekend was good though. Linette and I worked on the studio space, putting up a few more walls, and then I toted my new Im Sorry cards down to market. Actually, I just walked them down to our friend Jennifers store, Henrietta Fahrenheit. (If youd like to see them in person, she says that she should have them out on display in the next week or so.)

Today was spent working on my comic for the Ann Arbor Paper and celebrating Chinese New Year over a hundred-dollar can of abalone with Linettes folks Then racing home to catch Arrested Development. (Speaking of which, theres now an Arrested Development blog.)

For those of you who are curious to know such things, we also went out looking for a new couch this morning, one that is less likely to absorb the odor, dander, hair and saliva of Freeda, our blood-thirsty pit bull… We also want something that baby shit can be sponged off of. I guess this is what people refer to as nesting.

We are, slowly but surely, getting ready to have this little person come and join us.

Speaking of this little person, Linette just filled me in on what he or she is probably doing now that sixteen weeks have passed.

WOMB REPORT: from Linette
The baby has most likely swallowed its first mouth-full of amniotic fluid, digested it, and taken his or her first poop… Its ears are, by now, standing out from its head… The placenta and the fetus are now equal in size… It is starting to get its first fat deposits under the skin… It is about 12 centimeters long.

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