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If you have a chance, the New Yorker has a really good profile of Larry David in their new issue. The thing I found most interesting about the article was the fact that the author draws a correlation between David and Nat Hiken, the man behind the Phil Silvers TV show Sgt Bilko. (Bilko is one of my favorite TV shows, and I cant mention it without thanking my good friend Matt Krizowsky for introducing me to it many years ago. Matt was also the person who first showed me Jack Bennys To Be or Not To Be, one of the funniest films of all time. I was a fan of Bennys radio show, but Id never seen the film.)

note: If I was younger and had more energy, Id move to California and stalk Larry David. If Nat Hiken were still alive, Id probably stalk him too. (And by stalk, I mean harass for an entry level job as an assistant, not anything creepy or sexual — unless that’s what it took to get the job.)

Speaking of moving to California and stalking people in the entertainment business, I just got a note from a young man named Chuck. Hes a guy from around here who Ive met on a few occasions. Hes been a Crimewave reader for years (he started reading it in junior high) and about a year ago he interviewed me for a zine that he was starting called “Suddenly Routine.” Anyway, I saw him a month or so ago when he offered to help Linette and me set up our studio. After he and I lugged wallboard over from Home Depot, I took Chuck to breakfast, where I regaled him with my knowledge of the world. At some point in this conversation, I apparently told Chuck to sell everything, move to California and worm his way into the film industry. I told him that if I were 21 again and had it all to do over again thats what I would do Well, I just got an email from him and the poor kids apparently taken my wisdom to heart. Hes moving in the next few days. I told Linette and I think shes mad at me. Shes got this idea in her head that hes going to starve on the street, get sucked into porn, or fall into a cult As this is the first person to ever take my career advice, I will be curious to see how it goes.

Oh, I mentioned to Chuck that he should blog his adventures from California (if he has electricity and access to a computer). If he does, Ill be sure to link to his posts from here.

Please pray for my little prot�� Chuck. He needs all the help he can get.

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