moses, id like you to meet wackel daniel

A woman by the name of Kristin took this photo last Saturday night of me playing with action figures. The Moses figure must have been lying around somewhere. The other fellow, Wackel Daniel, was a gift from our friends Chris and Julie Bird. Chris had just come back from a stint with Nortel in Germany and hed brought us a Wackel Daniel figurine and a can of Russian Mechanically Separated Pork (not pictured).

I dont know anything about Wackel Daniel, but our guess is that he must be a German recording star. Linette pointed out that he looks very much like Sean Lennon. I suppose it could be. Maybe hes trying to make it on his own, trying to distance himself from his Beatles heritage.

Ill show you all. I recreate myself in Europe. Ill be Wackel Daniel! Ill be even bigger than dad.

I just went and did a little research. While my German is a bit rough, I think this is a story about Wackel Daniel from the German Press. Heres a Google translation of the first paragraph:

William castle – “superstar” Daniel Kueblboeck from the down-Bavarian Eggenfelden is already shown on t-Shirts and bed purchases with its face. But genuine fans want more from their Idol. For a long time they must wait also not more. After the Wackel Elvis and Wackel Dieter it will give a Wackel Daniel in the trade starting from at the beginning of December also – for presumably 9.95 euro.

I know this may bore you, but after looking at half a dozen German web pages, I think Im beginning to understand. A Wackel must be a figure with hips that move. (Our Wackel Daniel moves at the waist.) Apparently they started with Elvis. People would stick them in their car windows and such. The one I have must be a Wackel of Daniel Kueblboeck, the fellow mentioned in the above quote. Yes, I just found him and he bears a striking resemblance. He must be a young heartthrob in Germany.

I feel like a detective right now. I am very proud of myself for having cracked this little mystery.

Now, I must get a beer and watch 24.

I love how shocked Wackel Daniel looks in the above photo, as Moses embraces him. There’s got to be a good boner caption… something about Moses’s staff… let’s all give it some thought and meet back here in an hour to exchange ideas.

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  1. Cara
    Posted February 8, 2005 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    Wackel daniel is a crap recording star from germany, very camp! we found the dolls for 50 Cents in world of music in frankfurt! and looked into his website!

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