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I dont really have the time for a full-fledged update right now, but I wanted to let you all know that I just received by first e-mail from Jesus Christ. As you may have guessed, our Savior was telling me to invest in a bottle of multiple male orgasm pills My guess is that these pills cause you to have multiple male orgasms, not that they contain within them the juice of said orgasms Ill need to write back to Jesus and ask him about that. This could be what we in the business world call a deal breaker.

And here, as long as were on a related subject, is a link that Collin sent to me a few days ago. It would appear that our young intern has been burning the midnight oil, searching for other ball grooming sites. This site sells what theyre calling the Ball Trimmer.

On the Ball Trimmer testimonial page they recommend that if you dont like the feeling of having shaved balls once you order and try the product, that you pass it along to someone else. I have a hard time imagining that conversation Hey, Bill. Ive decided to stop grooming my balls. And thats good news for you. Heres my Ball Trimmer, the mail-order device Ive been using to sheer the pubic hairs from the sweaty underside of my ballsack. I hope you enjoy it. Now, could you get me the Henderson file?

I need to get back to cleaning house now, before anyone notices that I’m gone.

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