a new baby dangler and bird men on mars

Will the French indict Dick Cheney over bribes that may have been made by Halliburton officials under his watch?

Lets all pray that hes as fortunate as the Crocodile Hunter, who just sidestepped charges in Australia for dangling his month-old baby above the snout of a hungry crocodile.

In just a few minutes, the new Mars rover, the Spirit, is supposed to break though the Martian atmosphere. Im getting ready to watch events unfold on NASA TV. I dont know what to expect, but I have in mind that episode of Gilligans Island where, due to Gilligans stupidity, the castaways get covered in glue and feathers and run, flapping their arms wildly, toward the camera on the NASA probe.

And look at how that big one is picking on the little, skinny one.

I cant remember the words exactly, but the man at Cape Canaveral said something like that when the Skipper hit Gilligan over the head with his cap.

I learned so much from that show.

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