chelsea and her anagrams

I received the following from Chelsea a few days ago. I would have posted it earlier, but it took me a while to process it. Its not every day that one sees the letters of his name transformed into dark, anal army man.

The Great Anagram Challenge of Aught-Three (and now, Four)


Jesus, I’m Tired

Mark Alan Maynard ‘s interesting: fifteen letters, five vowels, all “A”s. I literally grew tired of making anagrams before I ran out of ideas.

Mark Alan Maynard contains “darn” and “damn;” “lady” and “man.” Also: karma, darkly, manly, alarm, armada, army, layman, Ramadan, yardarm and lanyard. Not to mention “madman.”

In no special order:

An alarm: Yam drank

Karma Lady ran, man.

May ran. A landmark!

Karma-lanyard man.

Manly, rank armada.

An alarm. Many dark.

Ma ran an ark madly.

A lank yardarm, man.

Lank man may radar.

Any man. Dark alarm.

Mad army rank: anal.

Rank malady: an arm.

Mar lanky Ramadan

Raman ark. Lady-man

An army: a damn lark.

My man ran a la dark

Marry a lank adman.

Arm any lark and ma.

Army man and a lark.

Mar any a damn lark.

Darkly, a man ran, Ma.

A lark may darn, man.

Lank Man-Ray drama.

Any ram a landmark.

A darn manly karma.

Ark malady. Man ran.

N.Y. Karma: darn lama!

A dark, anal yarn. Mm.

Rank layman drama.

Any lark ran, madam.

Manly drama, an ark.

Lank madman array.

Yank lard ran, ma’am.

Dark anal man army.

She did other names as well, but I dont want to overwhelm you with them all at once. Stay tuned

By the way, it had never, in the course of almost 36 years now, occurred to me that my full name, Mark Alan Maynard, contained within it only one vowel. It seems like I would have realized that in the second or third grade.

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