turner prize

I was reading about this years winner of Britains Turner Prize, the prestigious award given each year to the best English artist under 50. This years winner is a fellow by the name of Grayson Perry. Hes a potter. Oh, and hes also a transvestite. The latter accomplishment seems to be why hes all over the British press today. He apparently claimed his prize, you see, decked out as his female alter-ego, Claire, complete with a dress, makeup and pigtails. Thats not why Im writing about him though. Im writing about him tonight because I genuinely like his work. Ive spent the last hour looking around his website and its really quite fascinating stuff.

Ceramic vases featuring images of people with tubes up their asses, a work entitled Boring Cool People, another one focusing on the death of a child. Theres another piece entitled Mr. Shit Sex. This one that Ive copied here is called Anger Work. If I were smarter I would write about how great it is that he takes a medium like ceramics and infuses it with the unspeakable and the shocking, things that you wouldnt normally associate with fragile and precious works of art. All I can say though is that I enjoy his stuff and I thought that you might too. Heres a link to his studio.

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