the abortion train is leaving the station

Ive said it before, but Ill say it again ladies, if youd like to have an abortion, youd better get it now. Your window of opportunity is closing fast.

Actually, Im just in a really bad mood today. Im seeing everything through uhhh… the opposite of rose-colored glasses. (What would that be, shit-covered glasses?) Im sure theres nothing to be worried about. This new law against the quite rare procedure theyre referring to as partial birth abortion probably isnt the first in a series of steps meant to end free choice. Im sure that the women who sponsored this bill wouldnt let that happen. They wouldnt have let this happen if it were just a way to allow conservative legislators to get their foot in the door. No, these women would never take that risk

Here, in case youre interested, is a photo of all the sponsors of the bill. (Im sure you wont be surprised to see that there isn’t a woman among them.)

So, like I was saying, go get that abortion now, or at least stock up on RU487. If theres a second Bush term, my guess is that wed see the availability of abortions tighten a great deal more. Of course, Im sure there will be a good Homeland Security reason for it. Maybe well be told that radical Muslims are disguising themselves as Planned Parenthood employees or abortion clinic doctors!

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