democracy gone wild

How about a series of videos called Democracy Gone Wild or The US Gone Wild? Would people like that? Snoop Dog and our frat-boy-in-chief, little Bushie Bush, could host the things. It would be huge. I can just picture people sitting in their homes, laughing their asses off, pointing to their TVs and saying, I can not believe they got the United States to do that What an fn whore.

Episode One: The Patriot Act, which was sold to the American people as legislation to help us in the fight against terrorism, is being used instead to bust a strip joint.

Episode Two: A Canadian citizen of Syrian decent finds himself abducted by US forces while changing planes in New York. After extensive questioning on his supposed ties to terrorists, hes sent by the US to Syria, where he can be tortured for ten months.

(After you read his account of what happened, read this Washington Post article on renditions, the US practice of sending people to other countries without due process so that they can be tortured. Its fun stuff.)

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