seattle monkeys

While I was in New Orleans, I got a couple cool photos from Dave in Seattle. The first one seems to be of a stolen U-Haul truck with a Mexican Day of the Dead scene painted on its side.

The second one appears to be a shot of that same stolen U-Haul taken from the other side. This side features monkeys at least one of whom is running for elected office.

I like the Vote Simio poster.

And I really like how it looks like theres a monkey driving the pickup parked next to the truck when you look through its window.

Speaking of stolen U-Hauls, I seem to recall working with a guy at Kinkos many years ago, in Atlanta, who once rented, stole, painted and then lived in a U-Haul. Ive heard since then that this kind of thing happens quite often Where else can you get a house for $35?

Maybe if wed just elect Simio, everyone could have affordable housing and all the bananas they can eat. (Wesley Clark needs to make Simio his running mate.)

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  1. thomas
    Posted January 31, 2005 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    i agree

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