penis-holding and monkey business

I swear that this man in front of me going into the mens room this afternoon had his zipper down and was reaching in for his pecker before he even put his other hand on the outside door handle of the bathroom. The thing was fully out by the time he crossed the threshold, which is still about five long strides from the urinal. Im sure its more efficient and all, but I dont think I have what it takes to pull something like that off. You need a certain amount of confidence, the ability to deal with the situation if you run into someone coming the other way, etc. I dont deal with awkward situations well, either with my penis in or out of my pants.

I spent this evening doing band work that Ive been needing to do for over a month now. Nothing terribly exciting, just listening to mix-downs from the 03 session and typing up notes for the rest of the band, stuff like Please destroy this track. The thought that I might one day have a child who could hear this makes me feel very, very sad. Some of the stuff was pretty good though. Im sure weve got enough for a single, and thats all that counts. Oh, speaking of the band, heres a new review that we just found out about. Its not too bad.

Much more exciting that that though, I just received the following note from a reader in Scandanavia who used to live in the U.S.

split an apt in fla with a weird greek anarchist way back 1978…he wanted to send his grilfriend as miuch of him as he could..this is real..i saw it..he sent on a
hpice of poapaer..his spit, sweatm, semen, sperm piss shit snot..what are we missing…blood…almot forgot blood. dont remember if he had dandruff or warts. his girlfirnd never worte back i told the guy..either you will wind up fmousor go back to greece in a strait jacket…he
worte from a menatl hosptial in greece a year later. am ia judge of people or?

This is why everyone should have a blog. You get to meet interesting people from around the world, people who ship off boxes of piss, shit, semen and sweat to their loved ones.

I need to start training for the new TV season. I might not be on-line very much for the next week or so.

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