three political scraps before I go up to bed

One: Heres an interesting article by a fellow who claims that right wing conservative theory can be distilled into one thought – Cheap Labor. The article raises some good points. If youre awake enough, you should read it.

Two: Apparently Colin Powells had enough. Hes let the administration know that if Bush is reelected, hes not on board for the second term. According to the Washington Post, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz are the top candidates to replace the moderate Powell as Secretary of State.

Three: I think its pretty obvious now, but Thomas Friedmans most recent op-ed piece in the Times sums a few things up nicely. Heres a quote: So what Mr. Blair (and Mr. Bush) did was to make a war of choice but a good choice into a war of necessity.

Tomorrow, I want to write something about the California race for Governor. It looks as though both Larry Flynt and Ariannia Huffington might jump into the fray.

I have to go sleepy sleepy now. Goodnight.

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