running hot

You know how you occasionally get red warning lights on the dash of your car, like when your engine overheats? My body has something like that. When I get too stressed, my eyes fill up with blood. Sometimes its just a little blood. That tells me that its time to slow down, take some time away from work and start meditating again. Sometimes, like today, my pupil is just floating in a raging sea of dark red blood. That tells me that Im about to blow up, that its just a matter of time before I clutch at my chest and fall over dead.

I know Ive mentioned this peculiar feature of mine before, but have I ever shown you?

Do you want to see?

Are you sure?

Have the kids leave the room – it’s pretty scarey.

See what I’m dealing with? It’s fucking terrifying.

The doctor tells me that its nothing to worry about. She tells me that it just happens to some people. My eye will, in time, reabsorb the blood. I just have to walk around for a few days scaring the hell out of my coworkers and people I pass on the street

Hey, I just found a site about this little phenomenon. Heres part of what they had to say:

In some cases, a procedure is performed to irrigate the blood from the anterior chamber to prevent secondary complications such as glaucoma and blood stains on the cornea.

Patients with significant hyphemas must rest and avoid strenuous activity to allow the blood to reabsorb.

I guess its called a hyphemas. Another part of the website says it could also mean that youve got a tumor of the eyeball.

So, if I dont post for a few days, you can just assume that a doctor somewhere in Michigan is digging my eye out with some kind of eye-digging tool.

Heres blood in your eye.

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  1. i2
    Posted February 4, 2005 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    When I saw mine it made me whimper!
    It was only a blood vessel popping…
    it comes from strain and aggravation.
    By now you should know it won’t touch the cornea.
    Its funny how people see it and try not to.
    It takes about three weeks to clear up.
    Heres blood in your eye!

  2. mark
    Posted February 5, 2005 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the comments… This particular episode, however, has long passed. I’d have to check the logs to be sure, but I think that I’ve had two new ones since then. The last one was a “double.” Both eyes at the same time! It was a first.

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