teeth-pullin and panty-sellin

Linettes teeth apparently come out easily. We were at the oral surgeons for less than an hour, and, in that time, they knocked her out, removed her wisdom teeth, sewed her up, had us commit one hundred things to memory, billed us and got us out the door. When I had my wisdom teeth out, about a dozen years ago, I think they were still trying to calm me down enough to get the IV in my arm at the one-hour mark.

I dont remember many details about my surgery; just that my mom took me and that afterward I babbled a lot about how much I enjoyed the drugs that theyd given me. According to family legend, I hugged the nurses afterward and thanked them for the, best drugs I have ever taken.

Linettes asleep right now on the couch. Shes on medication, but shes not laughably high, like I was Although Id planned to use it, theres no need to break out the video camera and conduct an interview with her.

So, I just got back from a visit to the shop on Michigan Avenue thats selling our Iggy Pop t-shirts and Ypsipanties. I had to drop off another load. Apparently, theyre selling well. Jennifer, the owner of the store, even told me that one woman came in and bought a pair of the panties to frame. (She was too small to wear them, but really liked them.) Another customer apparently told her that she was thinking about getting a frame for the tag that wed made for them. Is that a trend that I dont know about, framing panties and clothing tags? I knew I should have been spending more time watching Cribs on MTV? Who was it, Missy Elliott? Does she have a thong under glass?

I love the idea that somewhere in this world there is a very tiny woman with a pair of our panties on her wall.

So, its hard to tell at this point, but it looks like Linette and I might, in the next week or so, if things keep up, make back what we invested in this little project. If so, this will be the first time in ten years of churning stuff out that weve made money, even a little. (Historically speaking, putting us on a project has been like casting Ben Afleck in a film. Its the kiss of death at least financially speaking.)

Anyway, if we do make back our money on this project, we plan to re-invest in other stuff. I want to make a few other shirts, and just I know theres a thermal thong market out there just waiting to be tapped…

I have to go and check on Linette now. Ill check in with you all later.

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