cause for concern?

Linette and I were out a few nights ago, having dinner with a friend who had come up to visit from Atlanta. While we were sitting there at an outside table, a woman came up to us and introduced herself. She said that she was a Crimewave reader and that she really liked us… She also said that her boyfriend told her not to approach us. He was standing a few feet away, trying not to look embarrassed.

There are no celebrities in Ypsilanti. Theres a man that carries around a poodle on his shoulders, theres a woman who pushes a baby carriage full of dolls, there is Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton, theres a man with no nose, and, I guess, theres us. There may be others too, but my point is that we shouldnt let it go to our heads. Its not like people are pushing aside Andy Warhol to get our autographs.

This was the third time weve ever been approached by a reader we didnt already know. The first time was in Baltimore, while shopping in Atomic Books. The second time was at another bar in Ypsi.

The cool thing this time was that it kind of impressed our friend from Atlanta, who is himself a professional writer. He had his camera with him, just waiting for some Ypsi-style weirdness, and he snapped this photo.

So, heres what I wanted to say Please download this photo to your hard drive and put it somewhere safe. And, if anything ever happens to Linette or me, forward this photo to the police. I dont have any reason to suspect that this woman would be capable of doing anything bad (she actually seemed quite nice), but it seems like a logical place to start the hunt for our murder.

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