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I just heard from Doug Skinner. Hes hard at work being the Music Director for Bill Irwins upcoming show in New York, but he told us to hold a page for his “Let’s Ask Skinner” column in the upcoming issue of Crimewave… If you’re familiar with the column, you know that Doug answers all kinds of questions from our readers. If you haven’t seen his column before, here’s an example from issue 14:

Q: How long is cocaine detectable in the urine?

A: It depends on the quantity of both. A pinch of cocaine, stirred briskly into a large beaker of urine, will quickly dissolve. A hefty chunk, dropped into a small glass, will enter into suspension less readily. I suggest you experiment on your own.

So, if youve always been wondering something, nows your chance to find out from Mr. Skinner. This opportunity comes along but once in a lifetime, so dont squander it. Mr. Skinner, for those of you that dont know him is, among other things, a world-class ventriloquist, an accomplished ukulele player, and an internationally known lecturer on things Fortean.

OK, I have to get back to working on Crimewave now. (If you want to buy ad space, or if you have suggestions as to who might, please drop me a note.)

Oh, I dont have the time to construct a full debris sandwich right now, but heres a slice of tongue. This is a quote taken from a campaign speech given yesterday by California Gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington:

It wasn’t elected officials who led the struggle for civil rights or the drive for women’s rights or the fight to end the war in Vietnam. It was the people. And without the outrage of at least a critical mass of the people we’ll never be able to take our government back.

Now send me your questions for the great and powerful Mr. Skinner.

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