labor day

Its Labor Day here in Ypsilanti, Michigan and its raining. Linette and I have been working for two days straight on the new issue of Crimewave Still no word from Virgin records on the Iggy Pop interview that they promised. Were holding four pages for it though, hoping that itll happen. If you have questions for Iggy, send them on and Ill see if I can get them in For the most part, Im hoping to speak with him about growing up here in Ypsilanti.

Linette and I went to a 40th birthday party on Friday evening. One of guests there, it turns out, was in Jimmy Osterbergs (Iggy Pops) homeroom in middle school. She said that he was a nerd. I think thats what she said. She may have said dweeb though. Linette wants to do an interview with her, about growing up with Iggy, that we could use as a sidebar. We know another guy here in town that was his camp councilor. I guess we could talk with him too.

Ive been reading the Legs McNeil book, Please Kill Me: the Uncensored Oral History of Punk, and it really gets into a lot of detail as to the history of the Stooges; the hard drugs, the sex with underage girls, the band politics, etc. As that seems pretty well documented, I dont really want to rehash a lot of it, even though it is interesting. Id rather focus on his earlier life and what it was about him, his family, and his early experiences that made the creation of Iggy Pop possible.

Linette and I took a break from work last night and started planning our trip to the New Orleans Bookfair at the end of October. Were both looking forward to a vacation. Linette is especially excited, as shes never been to New Orleans before.

If you have suggestions as to places that we might want to eat at or stay, let us know. Weve got a place to stay for the first two nights, but were looking for a bed and breakfast for our last two nights in town.

On a different note, I just heard back from their publicist and it looks as though well be meeting the ladies of Shonen Knife in Detroit on Halloween night. We havent given that interview much thought yet. Well probably just talk about touring in the US, pop culture, and Halloween. (Heres the Trouser Press write-up on the band.)

OK, I have to get back to work now.

Oh, before I go, I wanted to tell you something odd. A few days ago, I got an email from a woman that I went to school with between grades 5 and 12. She wanted to let me know that shed been to this website. She also wanted to let me know that shes a sales rep for Paxil, a drug that has shown promising results on people with OCD. When I first read it, I thought that she was just writing to sell me medication. But, the more I think about it, the more I realize that she was just trying to help me out. I thought that was cool. (It is kind of weird though to think that former classmates are reading this site.)

And, lastly, Kez Panel just wrote in to thank me for sending him an Iggy Pop shirt that smells neither like dog urine nor ant spray. I wish all our customers had such low expectations with regard to the quality of our products. He also, for some reason, sent a picture of the tag.

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