a few more links before bed

While not everyone is supporting Arnold, most Californians are having their buttocks surgically augmented as a sign of support for the candidate.

Bob Herbert has a pretty good op-ed piece in the Times today. He asks:

What if Mr. Gore is right? There’s something at least a little crazy about an environment in which people are literally stumbling over one another to hear what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about the budget crisis in California (short answer: nothing), while ignoring what a thoughtful former vice president has to say about the budget and the economy of the U.S.

The Gore speech he mentions can be found here.

I want to go on and write about Gore and Arnold and lots of other stuff, but Im tired and I need to go to bed. Please excuse me… And please dont ask me what I meant about the conservative buttock augmentation mentioned above. I have no idea Its been a very long day.

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