productive weekend

Friday evening, Linette and I went out and had drinks with a woman who is planning to publish a free weekly paper here in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area. We discussed ideas for how we might be able to work together. We sat around and drank for about three hours and kicked around ideas for comics, cover illustrations, stories, etc. Im not sure what will come of it, but she seemed receptive to at least considering what we had in mind. (If I do end up doing a comic, Ill post it here on-line as well. Actually, I might bounce some ideas off of you folks over the next week or so and see what you think. For instance, would you read a cartoon about a loveable little worm that lived inside the heart muscle of John Ashcroft? How about a series that takes place in a terrorist training camp? It would be like Beatle Bailey, only with more references to the Koran. (Actually, thats a fucking good idea. Please dont steal that one.))

After we met with Laura, the woman who is starting the paper, we went to the 50th birthday party of another Laura, our friend Laura Abraham. (She was drunk and grabbed my ass, twice. Id like to say more, but my attorneys have instructed me to say only that I, am in the process of healing.)

This isnt related, but will someone please buy me Orson Welless Oscar? Please. I think that I deserve it.

Linette and I designed t-shirts Saturday morning. Were going to have them screen-printed tomorrow. Theyre part of our Ypsilanti Heritage Collection. (Rest assured, you will be able to find them for sale here on this site before too long.)

Then, last night, Linette and I went out and saw our friend Leightons band, Chapstik, play with the Demolition Doll Rods. While we were watching the show, Linette came up with an idea. She suggested that we travel around the US, staying with Crimewave readers. I find the idea to be completely terrifying, but I cant deny that it might make for a hell of an adventure. So, start cleaning out those guest rooms.

Then, today, I worked on the top-secret purse design project If Im any indication, Pat Robertsons worst fears have come true. First the Supreme Court strikes down the sodomy law in Texas, then Queer Eye for the Straight Guy airs, and now I start designing purses It took them less than a month to break me down.

I have a hell of a lot more that Id like to say, but itll have to wait.


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