poop finger

We hung out this evening with Tracy and Norm, and Norm’s five kids. We had a good time lighting off firecrackers, blowing things up, and making stupid jokes… Matthew, Norms nine year-old son, apparently a big James Bond fan, told us that his favorite drink is a fartini. A fartini, we were told, is made by farting into a glass of water, shaking it vigorously, and then adding a big squirt of mustard. (And some people say MM.com has no educational value.)

This discussion then led to my impromptu writing and performing of the Gold Finger-esque song, Poop Finger, inspired by Matthew’s chocolate-covered thumb.

I cant remember much of anything else, but we had a good time kidding around and pushing the limits of good taste… At some point, I recall suggesting that we send the four boys, decked out in hot-pants and tank tops, the next time they take communion at their Catholic church.

And, a new game was born: At one point, early in the evening, I offered a one-dollar reward to the kid who could finish eating his/her ice cream sandwich last. That was fun. I wish I had photos. It’s so obvious, but I’d never heard of it being done before. (The last time Id seen them all was a year ago, just after Linette and I had discovered a dead feral cat in our garage. At that point, Id offered one dollar to the kid who would pick it up and bury it. They quickly began fighting for the privilege. Linette, unfortunately, heard all of this and stepped in to stop it before any of them could get to work. I ended up having to do the dirty work.)

I need to go to bed now.

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