This is Ionel Talpazan. Hes the artist Ive been telling you about the last few days, the one who lives in Harlem and paints UFOs. I visited him at his apartment a week or so ago, where he showed me his artwork and an episode of the PBS series Egg in which he appeared. Hes specifically interested, it seems, in the propulsion systems working within spacecraft. Hes got some interesting ideas Since there will be a story about him and his theories in the next issue of Crimewave though, I dont want to go into too much detail here. (I will tell you this though. When I say that he “paints UFOs,” I don’t mean like Macco paints cars. He doesn’t actually paint UFOs for a living. He visualizes what UFOs might look like and he paints their images on flat surfaces.)

This picture is of me and Talpazan.

This next picture is not of Talpazan. It’s of Saturday Night Lives Chris Kattan. I dont know if there is perhaps some shared Romanian ancestry, but the resemblance, I thought, was worth noting. Linette doesn’t really see it, but I think it’s uncanny.

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