monkey power update

The last Monkey Power record was just reviewed on a site called We get reviewed on the same page as Cheap Trick. Our record, they liked. The new Cheap Trick record, however, they say, sucks squirrels. I like it when were reviewed alongside platinum-selling bands that once sold-out stadiums and people like us better. It allows me, at least momentarily, to feel good about myself Its like the time when Fox Sports chose our song over Marvin Gayes for their national ad campaign. (Of course, that was probably just because we were a hell of a lot cheaper.) I was happy for an entire hour that day.

Oh, the guys who operate the Music Misfits site are also running a contest this week to give away a copy of our record. I think that all you have to do is write in and tell them why you deserve it or something Good luck.

In other news, Ive been exchanging emails tonight with a guy who says he might be interested in shooting a documentary about the band. I dont know what will come of it, but its been fun kicking around ideas… In a perfect word, there would be a documentary about the band every ten years or so, along the lines of what Michael Apted has been doing with his 7 Up series. (Hes been visiting the same group of people every seven years since 1964, when they were all seven years old. The last film in the series was 42-Up.) I think it would be great to have footage of us every ten years. Next year will be our tenth anniversary and I know weve already changed a great deal from when we started this little art project of ours. I imagine it will get stranger and stranger as time passes and we become old men, tied to this obligation of meeting one day a year for the rest of our lives and recording music off the top of our heads.

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