the factory

Theres all this stuff taking place tonight. Things are being created. Its a neat feeling.

I mentioned in my last update that someone and I have been chatting about the possibility of shooting a documentary on the Monkey Power Trio. Thats just part of it. Theres also another guy, an illustrator named Collin whos stuff Ive posted here before, that is working on an animated video for our song, Someday Well Reach the Moon. In addition to that, Linette and I are designing a line of shirts focusing on the sordid and wonderful history of Ypsilanti. (I expect you all to buy one.) On top of this, Patty, our designer friend from Chicago, and I are kicking around some super-top-secret plans for a unisex handbag to be marketed directly at two huge demographics: people with obsessive compulsive disorder, and the readers of (Thats all I can say about that right now, but stay tuned for more.)

So, all of this, plus a few other things that I dont want to jinx by mentioning them, are happening this week. Its cool. I dont read the horoscopes, but, if I did, Id bet that something was in line with something else or something.

As for collaboration in general, Im all in favor of it. I cant speak for the rest of the band, but I like the fact that people can get on-line, take our songs, and do things with them. I like the fact that an animator like Collin can take our music and incorporate it with his own visuals. I like that fact that a DJ like Sleepy E can download our songs, chop them up, and use them in his own work. I like that people find this site by accident (if there are such things as accidents), write me a letters telling me things that I dont already know, and then I can share those things with hundreds or maybe even thousands of other people. I like that Crimewave exists as a channel to get the creative output of our friends out into the world. I like operating this little bus station along the highway on which all of these ideas are traveling.

Maybe that sounds sappy, but I feel sappy today. I feel like all of these little seeds are starting to burst out of the soil. I feel like ripples are starting to move across the surface of the pond I could probably think of a lot of other really good analogies, but I need to go to sleep now.

In conclusion, Id like to say that the internet is great. It allows a man like me, an average man from Ypsilanti, Michigan, to dream of being a part of something bigger, a kind of virtual version of Warhols Factory, a place where ideas are traded and plans are hatched.

Goodnight. I promise Ill be cynical and angry again tomorrow.

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