mark maynards left eye

Yesterday, I spent five hours in the emergency room of a hospital. I probably shouldnt have gone in, but my doctor, over the phone, said it was worth looking into. My left eye was in pain. It was a dull pain, not a piercing pain, but Id had it for a few days. The thing that made it different from most head pain is that it felt as though the pain was coming from the eye itself, not the part of the brain behind the eye. That eye was also sensitive to touch. When Id lightly touch the eyelid that covered that eye, Id feel pain shooting through the eyeball. The bottom of the eye was also red. It was like Id been poked really hard in the eye with a finger or something, but I hadnt. After a few days of worrying about eye cancer, I decided to call my doctor. Hes the one that told me to go to the emergency room. Actually he told me to go to urgent care as they could probably see me sooner and check it out faster than the people at the emergency room.

I knew I was in for trouble when, after wandering around the hospital for about fifteen minutes and following signs for urgent care, I asked someone where it was, only to be told that they hadnt had an urgent care facility for over five years. As my doctor works in this hospital, I found it a bit disconcerting that he didnt know there was no such facility. I also found it odd that they would still have signage up all over the hospital that directed people toward this nonexistent place.

So there I was, one eye squinted shut, bumping my way down the hall, looking for a nonexistent place. Thats how the story begins. Things just went downhill from there

If I can, Ill get to the rest of the story tonight. If I dont, just know that Im well and I still have both eyes.

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