tonights debris sandwich:

Has at its core a huge, sizzling piece of child meat. (95% by weight.) Heres a taste:

Anyone caught selling human meat faces execution, but in a report compiled by the North Korean Refugees Assistance Fund (NKRAF), one refugee said: “Pieces of ‘special’ meat are displayed on straw mats for sale. People know where they came from, but they don’t talk about it.”

The remaining five percent is composed of:

1% Lobbying efforts targeted toward potentially open Supreme Court seats. (Get your abortions now, before theyre all gone.)

1% The details about the success of Apples iTunes music store. (3.5 million songs purchased in the first few weeks, and thats with the store only accessible to Mac owners, just 5% of the computer owning universe.)

1% Senator Jeffords reflecting two years after he made the switch to Democrat. (quote: The events of the past two years have only heightened my concern over the President’s veer to the right, and the poisoning of our democratic process of government.)

1% The death of local radio. (note: It was mentioned in the CSPAN2 interview with Mollie Ivans and Al Franken last week that Clear Channel, the largest radio conglomerate in the US, uses actors in Los Angeles doing regional dialects, pretending to be locals of the area their voices are being broadcast in. Apparently, the system works well, until weather bulletins need to be shared with the local audience. It seems theres no way to break in, as the radio station in the town employees absolutely no one. As a result, people dont hear about tornados headed toward them and such.)

1% The two Iraqi trucks that weve been told might very well have been mobile chemical labs may in fact have been for mobile hydrogen production facilities used to fill balloons. Heres a clip from the UK Observer:

Artillery balloons are essentially balloons that are sent up into the atmosphere and relay information on wind direction and speed allowing more accurate artillery fire. Crucially, these systems need to be mobile

The Observer has discovered that not only did the Iraq military have such a system at one time, but that it was actually sold to them by the British. In 1987 Marconi, now known as AMS, sold the Iraqi army an Artillery Meteorological System or Amets for short.

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