debris sandwich with a side of meaty, cold and chewy frog legs

I wanted to write about this a week ago, but I got sidetracked It looks like Bush plans to begin his presidential run for re-election later than any Republican nominee since the party was founded over one hundred years ago. He wants to do this for a few reasons. For one thing, it would leave less time for debates, less time for people to compare him and his opponents on the issues. For another, he wants to kick-off around the anniversary of September 11 for the obvious boost hell get through the association. (The Republican convention is going to be in September in New York.) Karl Rove is smart. Hes not leaving anything to chance. Not only is he limiting the time of the campaign to two months and launching it on the anniversary of 9-11 in New York City, but hes also doubling the amount spent on the last campaign to $200 million.

Modern cave drawings: On a happier note, one day, long after were all dead and gone, there will still be lego porn, to illustrate what we were all about.

If only someone would invent a device that made it more pleasurable to be yelled at, my life would be so much better.

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