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CELL PHONE: Im thinking of trading in my tired, old cell phone. Ive had it for over three years now and its getting dated. (It looks like a milk bottle and weighs at least two pounds.)

While it does look pretty damn impressive in my front pocket, thats not enough reason to keep it. Im always embarrassed when it rings and I have to whip it out. I think people feel sorry for me when they see how huge, misshapen and old it is. (It looks like it should have an hand-crank on it.) Every time someone sees it, I feel as though Ive been caught at the grocery store with food stamps or something. People try to avert their eyes so as not to further erode the little bit of pride I still have left, but it still hurts

Anyway, Im thinking about making a huge jump up and getting a phone with a built-in camera. I think that if I do that, Ill be able to post to this site directly from my phone. (Pretty neat, huh?) Heres the Nokia model Im thinking about getting. Linette and I went and looked at them today, but the timid little man in the AT&T shop asked us to leave. He was afraid that a tornado might be coming and he wanted to close up early.

If you have any information on this model (private message: Jen how do you like yours?), please let me know. And, if you work at Nokia, please send me a free one.

This will be a good thing for our little site here. Soon, if all goes well, I’ll be able to imediately send you images of people picking their noses, singing and eating in cars next to mine on the highway and all kinds of cool stuff.

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