hey, didnt i see you on mark maynards blog

I received two letters today from folks that think they may have recognized people in real life that had been mentioned or pictured on this site.

The first letter comes from a man named Forrest, who saw the man I gave money to on Easter morning.

I have to tell you that if that dude who hit you up for some cash on Easter was an angel, then he also hangs out by the post office (where he hit me up) and near the EMU campus (where he hit my friend up for $10). After almost the same exact spiel he gave you, I told him I didnt have any cash, but would be willing to see if I received any money for an order (for the zine I publish), and then possibly give him some after I checked my PO Box. I figured that there was no way I’d have any orders and I’d have to let him down. Strangely, I did receive an order that day. “Fate,” I thought. “Maybe he’s an angel,” I thought! I walked outside and he had stopped someone else in their car and was giving them the same business. I ran to my car and took off.

The second letter comes from a woman named Jen who saw the man who hung from hooks in yesterdays post.

I saw him on the street today. He looked well rested. If he hadn’t been on a cell phone, I might have asked him if his puncture wounds were healing nicely.

I would comment on these things, but Im tired and I need to go to bed now. I will say this though, I am disappointed to learn that the man I gave money to, the man who said he had been trying to get gas money for four hours and that no one would help him, was probably just another local scam artist. That saddens me. As for the other guy, Im glad to hear that hes up an around. Hopefully, hes not oozing.

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