Hi, this is Mark. I just wanted to let you all know that Linette and I are still alive and well. We’re in Florence now, at an internet cafe… the kind that terrorists use to keep up with the activities of their cells and such. I’m sitting here next to Linette. We only paid for half an hour, so it’ll have to be fast… or I’ll have to give up some more cash.

Speaking of cash, I was hoping that US dollars would buy more Euros. As it is, at least today, you only get 97 Euro cents for a good, old American dollar. It’s criminal…

Speaking of America, I’ve been thinking a lot about how stupid we are as a people. I think this occurs to me every time I’m in Europe, but it’s true. I’m sure I’ll forget it in a month or so, but I swear it’s the truth. We are, as a people, pretty fucking cut off from the rest of the world. We’re arrogant and petty, and we drive big cars. I’m not saying we deserve the wrath of Alah, but maybe a little gentle ribbing for time to time… Fuck, I don’t want to get political here. I’m sorry about that. I still love my country. I’m just mad at myself for not knowing at least one foreign language. I tried to learn French in college, but I just didn’t try hard enough. I regret that now. I’m ashamed… It seems that most folks here know at least four… OK, I want to send this before I get kicked off. If the guy doesn’t come around, I’ll post some more. I love you all. Keep giving me those good ratings. I’ve just heard that we’re the number 735 site this week in the key demographic of wealthy midwestern agorophobic young women ages 18 to 35.

My god smile upon you for the rest of your short, short life,

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