Fuck. There is so much I want to tell you all. My notebook is just overflowing with stories… But this place charges by the minute and I don’t do well under pressure. I don’t have my notebook here either, so I have to rely on my brain, a brain that happens to be a bit overloaded right now. Oh, I do want to tell you that before we left the US, Linette and I bought a digital camera and we’ve been trying to take some low-res photos for the web so that we can post them when we get home… So, you have that to look forward to.

Florence is great, by the way. Our room looks right out on the Doumo.The view is incredible.

Oh, speaking of the Doumo, we walked around to the top of the dome this evening and I had a massive panic attack. It sucked. The combination of the of the caffeine from the coffee that I drank just before and my fear of heights, along with the fact that my stomach was empty… It all combined to spell disaster as I was sliding myself, about four stories up, along the inside of the dome, looking out on graphic depictions of hell… Fuck, the screen is blinking. That means I’m running out of time. Have to go now. Bye.

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