Behind the Comedy Times

I’d like to thank one of our readers, a Mr. Brian Brewer, for confirming that, yes, SubPop is in fact planning to release a comedy album in the next few months. According to Mr. Brewer, the album will be by David Cross, one of the two men behind the former HBO series, “Mr. Show.” I have never seen “Mr. Show,” being as I am occupied with tracking down the distant relatives of Don Knotts and former co-workers of Andy Kaufmann for interviews, but I understand from friends who are a bit more “with it” that this show of Mr. Cross’s was something quite special. At any rate, it looks as though we will be running an ad for Mr. Cross’s new SubPop album on the back cover of “Crimewave USA” #14. (If the good folks at SubPop would like to send me a copy, well, I’d be more than happy to review it here.)

As long as I just mentioned Brian Brewer, I think it’s probably worth noting that he had, until very recently, never heard of Mark Maynard and I had, until just now, never heard of him.

Isn’t the internet great? I just launch a page and ask a question and within hours, if not minutes, I receive an answer back from a person I did not even know existed one minute earlier. And all of this happened for free, and without advertising. I just put this page up on blogspot and people, I imagine, found it at random. I find that fascinating. I know it’s not “shit your pants funny,” but it’s interesting.

I’ll try to come up with some “shit your pants funny” stuff tomorrow. I promise.

The important thing to keep in mind now is that SubPop is going to cut me a check. That’s good news for me, and what’s good for me, is good for America.

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