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Unraveling Trump’s Twitter thread on Maggie Haberman, a woman he talks to all the time, but hardly knows, and never speaks with.

Donald Trump went nuts on Twitter again this morning. It would seem that he didn’t like Maggie Haberman’s most recent piece in the New York Times, titled, “Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.” Following, in case you missed it, is a bit of Trump’s irate thread. As […]

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Roger Stone warns those who might consider voting for impeachment of assassination and civil war

I’m hesitant to even bring it up, as I don’t, as a rule, take elderly swingers with Nixon tattoos all that seriously, but former Nixon “dirty trickster” Roger Stone went on the record earlier today predicting all out civil war if Trump, the man he helped put into power, was impeached… He event went so […]

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